Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dog Alumni News

I heard from Bart's mom today! Bart is one of the most beloved former residents of Rosie's Cocker Rescue Referral. He's an English Cocker Spaniel and the only one I ever hosted. What a sweetie! He always wears this sort of serious face when you take pictures of him, but in real life, he's quite a mug.

Anyway, Bart has taken up kayaking and is evidently having a grand old time with the paddling crowd!

Here he is from his time with us. Mad Max took his spot when Bart left for his forever home. But when Bart was here, we could still enjoy the oriental rug. Because Bart wasn't a whackadoodle like Max is.



  1. bonnie said...
    Of course I love it!
    Jbeeky said...
    That is so cool! I love the picture of this dead serious dog in a bright blue kayak. Love it!
    Jo and JD said...
    What precious faces....

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