Monday, January 14, 2008


So-- I didn't even turn on the computer yesterday. I'm backtracking to some of my older stories and putting them through hard edits. So, that was what I did yesterday while watching The Prince and Me I and II. I love soppy love stories like that, though I do draw the line at the Lifetime TV movies. When I watch Lifetime, I'm always wondering, "Who are these women?"

I needed yesterday to adjust to life without goats. I appreciate everyone's sympathy about the situation, but they are in such a great place right now that I can't be too upset about it. And Peggy says I can come visit them anytime. They are her babies now and I'm very happy about that. They are all very personable sweet goats and Peggy is a really wonderful person who will dote on them. worries!

Anyway, it's very quiet here and the sheep are lonely. Which is usually a good thing for sheep. I didn't realize how much of their Dutch courage came from the goats.

Here are a few of my favorite headlines from the local paper's Police and Sheriff's reports.

Mercury and Durango tango

Chevy shellacked by Cadillac

Pony pawned off on neighbor
Horse has taken up residence at a neighbors house and the owner won't come get it.

Driver has trouble adjusting to equinox

You booze you lose your keys
So, this guy is at a motel with this woman. They are drinking and when the guy "wakes up" in the wee hours of the morning, the woman has taken off with his car. He can't remember if he gave her the keys or if she just took off with them.

As Bill Engvall is fond of saying...."Here's your sign."

Thief runs away with jogging pants

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  1. Debra Kay said...
    Sorry about the goats. I recently lost all my python's in an ice storm-at least your kids' are in a better place. Maybe mine are too.

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