Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Scribble, Scribble...

I’ve been really busy this week with the writing thing. I’ve had one story accepted and it will go live on The Dead Mule on Thursday. Plus, I’ve been offered a possible opportunity with a quarterly to feature a selection of my shorter works. That’s not for a while and I don’t want to talk too much about it lest I jinx it. We Southerners are funny that way.

I’ve collected a handful of rejections this week. It’s such a new experience, and at times, I do want to crawl back into the comforting womb of this blog where everyone loves my work. But, I did make the decision to finally “get out there” and “out there” I am. I’ve been workshopping some pieces over on Zoetrope and have hooked up with some fine writers over there. Their work intimidates me at times. It’s hard not to compare my style of writing to others and wonder if I should change my voice to sound more like someone else. And it is scary knowing that I’m such a good mimic that I could.

Self-doubt is, evidently, as much a part of writing as anything else.


  1. Hayden said...
    congrats on the acceptance - but also big congrats on the rejections. You wouldn't have them without the courage to try, and no rejection means that the work isn't good, it only means that they can't use it.
    Peggy said...
    I love your stories and can't wait to say I knew her when. BTW the goats want your first autographed book. :)
    kazari_lu said...
    "Be yourself - everyone else is taken."
    Oscar Wilde

    I love your voice.
    threecollie said...
    Congrats! I certainly love your writing!
    Rejections are hard, but I think they make you better. Some guy was complaining to the boss about a column I wrote a few weeks ago. I shouldn't have let it get to me, as other folks actually called me to laugh about it, which is usually a good measure of its general success. Of course it got to me though, so I pulled out all the stops for this week...as in, I'll show HIM! I am sure I wrote a better column because of his unkindness.
    Jo and JD said...
    Congratulations on the acceptance. i know what you mean about not wanting to talk about it much for fear of jinxing it. I have been like that my whole life.

    When you are ready to share you know you have blog friends and neighbors to share with.

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